Kenya Airports Police Unit.

Police Hot Lines - 999 / 112 / 911

The Unit is established to support the following functions of the Kenya Police Service in accordance with Section 24 of the National Police Service Act, 2011.
I.    Preventing and detecting crimes, inquiries into offences against property and persons within the three airports.
II.    Investigating claims, complaints and irregularities in conveyance of goods and passengers, lost and found property and missing goods within the airports;
III.    Safeguarding Airlines and private aircrafts parked within the apron area of the airports;
IV.    Maintaining law and order, crowd control and undertaking security duties in accordance with the recommended and established standards of civil aviation security;
V.    Checking passengers and luggage before boarding or loading onto aircrafts;
VI.    Controlling all entry points into the restricted areas;
VII.    Escorting valuables, explosives, arms and ammunition, wanted and extradited persons;
VIII.    Investigating accidents within airports;
IX.    Guarding and protecting vital installations within airports.
X.    VIP security and coverage within the airports.

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