Police Hot Lines - 999 / 112 / 911

• Coordinating and preparation of policies. Plans and works for entire police service.
• Preparation and submission of annual procurement work plan
• Repairing and maintaining police infrastructure and support facilities
• Provision of general stores
• Liaison with police formations/provinces and sub-branches on procurement. Replacement, modification of systems equipment and plants.
• Coordinating and publication of all police stationeries, manuals and pamphlets
• Provision and kitting all officers to laid down scales
• Collection and storage of data on all police logistic requirement
• Coordinating with the chief force armourer, chief transport officer, chief communication officer, procurement section and relevant government ministries to ensure that items needed in the field are readily available
• Management of the movement and storage of logistic materials
• Planning, implementing and controlling the efficient flow of goods and services
• Ensuring availability of goods/services requisitioned for and ensuring high level of customer service and satisfaction


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