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The following are the primary objectives of planning directorate
•    Facilitating provision of housing needs to police officers country wide.
•    Facilitating the provision of office accommodation for police officers throughout the country.
•    Facilitating gazettement of police stations and post spread country wide.
•    Facilitating establishment of police facilities country wide.
•    Monitoring and evaluation of police construction projects country wide.
•    Acquisition of title deeds and land ownership documents regarding police land country wide.
•    Provision of utilities for police houses and offices such as water and power.
•    Facilitating the leasing purchase of already completed housing unit land for training institution and riffles ranges.
•    Repair and rehabilitation of existing police buildings.
•    Planning for the future infrastructural development needs for the service based on crime trends.
•    Compilation of Inspector General’s annual crime and data reports.

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